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Alcoholic Faith Mission


Alcoholic Faith Mission are a band from Denmark, formed in New York. Photos are taken during a very special acoustic session in the Nordic House in reykjavik during Iceland Airwaves.

Basia Bulat


Basia Bulat is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter. She is known for performing with an autoharp, like here on the Iceland Airwaves off-venue Canadian Blast concert.

My Bubba & Mi


My Bubba & Mi are a folk trio from Copenhagen, Danmark. Check the photos from their concert at the Iceland Airwaves festival.

Spaceships Are Cool


Spaceships Are Cool are a sci-fi sunshine pop & retro folktronica band. Here they play an off-venue concert in barbershop Sjoppan during Iceland Airwaves.

Iceland Airwaves


Iceland Airwaves is an annual music festival held in Reykjavík, Iceland on the third weekend of October. The festival spans five days (Wednesday – Sunday) and its main focus is showcasing new music, both Icelandic and international.



Sykur are an Icelandic electro rock band. here they promote their new cd on Iceland Airwaves.

Think About Life


Think About Life is an indie rock band from Montreal, Québec, Canada, formed in 2005. Here the band performs on the Canadian Blast off-venue party at Iceland Airwaves.

Timber Timbre


Timber Timbre is a Canadian folk rock band, whose sole core member is singer-songwriter Taylor Kirk. His stage name refers to an early series of recordings made in a timber-framed cabin. Here the band performs on the Canadian Blast off-venue party at Iceland Airwaves.



Vicky are a rockband from Hafnarfjörður, Iceland. The four females and a male drummer play melodic punk-rock. Here they play a off-venue breakfast gig in cafe Prikið during Iceland Airwaves.



Mammút is an Icelandic band, formed in 2003. The band was nominated for the best album (Karkari) and best singer at the Icelandic Music Awards 2009. After a breakthrough appearance on Iceland Airwaves 2009, they are back at this festival in 2010.



Moddi or Pål Moddi Knutsen, from an island called Senja in the far north of Norway. Here on a beautiful acoustic performance in the Nordic House during Iceland Airwaves.



Bastardgeist is the brainchild of Chicago-based musician Joel Midden. Here Bastardgeist performes on a off-venue gig in the Reykjavik Hostel during Iceland Airwaves.